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Pôle Nord is a visual creative studio based in Paris.

On this website, you can find a selection of our creative productions, representing the full spectrum of what we do - from commissioned work, to research, and even personal projects. Some of the projects shown here are based on a strong creative proposal, while others are focused on a real technological contribution.

When you work with Pôle Nord, we design, create and produce the images and visual identity for your project. Our expertise and comprehensive network of talents allow us to offer you tailor-made projects, from films, to interactive installations, to video games, including motion design, graphics, monumental projections, accessible science visualisation and dataviz.

We draw inspiration from a wide range of sources and eras - combining the best of past classics with the cutting edge of contemporary culture to offer you a unique vision of the future, customised specifically to your requests and oriented towards a precisely targeted audience.

We perceive our work as a meticulous handicraft of precision at the service of our customers, even to the extent of carefully considering the durability of our images - their ageing, as well as their current perception.

Challenging projects are a driver of creativity for us. Whether in a dome, on monumental LED supports or on a smartphone, we like to be pushed to our limits, as our creative and technological curiosity encourages us to continue working with new media, and new narrative and visual forms.

Pôle Nord is devoted to your message, your products, your stories. We seek to surprise and engage the viewer, and are confident that our visual expertise will greatly enhance your project - whatever it may be. Our partners range from TV production companies to events and advertising agencies, artists - and beyond!

Drop us a word > contact@polenordstudio.fr